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Yesterday, in the middle of an extended metta/compassion/forgiveness meditation session, I saw a very clear vision of you standing up the beach on some rocks. "I forgive you" poured out of my heart into the waves and it felt like something unzipped from my toes to the crown of my head.

5 Years?

Seems like yesterday. Kiss Voxarella for me. I love you both.
I would have tried to catch you, even had you driven us to the bottom of the sea. Which, in a way, I suppose you did. I love you still.

White bird.

Day two of the countdown.

Odd feelings and wierd times

I'm a few hours early for wishing you a happy birthday, but happy birthday.  It's not really yours anymore, but it is what it is.  I miss you and hate you at the same time; strange.
Sometimes, when I start thinking a lot, I miss you.


Sleep well, white bird.


Not afraid to die, but afraid to live. I pray that you are with Voxy in the happiest of places.